Regional Inequality Conference draws attendees from 18 countries

In partnership with the University of Bremen’s Institute for Economic Research and Policy, CREATE hosted a remote conference on “Regional Inequality in Europe and the United States: Are there New Empirical Measures & Policy Approaches?” The conference had nearly 200 attendees from 18 countries across the globe. A range of topics were explored in relation to regional inequality, including economic complexity, creative destruction, inclusive innovation, monopolies, financial vulnerability in higher education, social capital and populism, smart cities, and automation. Plans are already underway for a second workshop, and for a longer term transatlantic research project. The conference organizers for this event were: Maryann Feldman (UNC Chapel Hill), Dirk Fornahl (University of Bremen) and Torben Klarl (University of Bremen). The full conference agenda is below, along with links to the presentation slides, and information about the conference organizers.

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