Increasing income disparities and declining opportunities have diminished America’s middle class. CREATE is an economic development center working to tackle this challenge by generating shared economic prosperity through a combination of research, data analytics, homegrown interventions and policy development. CREATE supports the work of NCGrowth and SmartUp, two initiatives that provide technical assistance to businesses and communities in economically distressed or disconnected areas.

The center hosts Homegrown Tools, an online platform that tells the stories of small towns that have successfully stimulated private investment and job creation, inspiring small towns across the nation to leverage their unique assets. CREATE is home to the Create Prosperity Research Lab, a network of scholars from across the country working to create and curate a body of research that examines the fundamental determinants of shared economic prosperity. CREATE also supports more informed political discourse by hosting events that bring together policymakers, practitioners, investors, entrepreneurs and academics, such as the Black Communities Conference, North Carolina Investment Forum and the Closing the Wealth Gap Conference.

Our Model

  • Create Knowledge – Undertake rigorous empirical research targeting top peer-reviewed journals in business, economics, and policy to validate solutions. Educate students and others about economic prosperity.
  • Create Policy – Engage and inform decision-makers at all levels of government and business.
  • Create Prosperity – Provide direct technical assistance to businesses, governments, and communities. Discover potential solutions to economic inequality and uncover challenges that have held back growth.

New knowledge and bold actions are needed to help create a future where economic growth is more equitably shared.