Is an incubator right for your community? This guide covers: what is an incubator, how to think about starting an incubator, key elements of a successful incubator, how to pay for an incubator, alternatives to an incubator, and incubator case studies.
Governors across the United States have reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic by implementing state-level executive actions to address a range of issues provoked by the crisis.
Institutional racism in the United States has created a bleak economic outlook for African Americans. CREATE Executive Director, Mark Little, asks whether today’s activism might prove to be a defining moment in turning the tide for Black economic futures.
The idea that new ventures are simple mimetic reflections of the organizational practices of existing organizations contradicts the recognized importance of organizational diversity for innovation.
Mark Little was featured in a podcast titled “Viewpoints on resilient and equitable responses to the pandemic” about his work to help re-envision Black economic futures.